Last Night was Saturday night party at my place. Along with some cocktails we had some heavy snacks! Now I wake up with a bloated tummy and a guilty conscience. To fix both these things I needed to make this Green detoxifying smoothie which will revive my stomach and clear my body of all the toxins. This smoothie doesn’t use any dairy and is free from all sort of sugars. 

Its even ideal for people who are watching their weight. I like to include this smoothie in my diet at least once a week. If you are also fond of smoothies then you must check out a few other recipes of Smoothies on my page. Some links I have mentioned at the end of this post. What kind of smoothie do you like? I would like to know your opinion. Would love to hear from you.

1. In a blender add thoroughly washed leaves of Spinach and a peeled banana.

2. Add one cored green apple. 

3. Add roasted seeds of Flax.

3. Add Water to the blender.

4. Also throw in some ice cubes.

5. Pulse till everything is smooth. Pour into glasses and drink it up immediately. This is detoxifying and quite refreshing.

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When you have leftover bananas what do you make with them? Yes that is a very common question and a standard answer is to make Banana Bread with it. Even I used to make Banana Breads. Infact on my blog you can find Whole Wheat Vegan Banana Bread with Melon seeds and Vegan Chocolate Banana Bread recipes but then making a cake or a bread means adding sugar and butter and all those extra calories. 🙁 Therefore, salvaging the bananas always turned out to be a calorie bomb.

Then one day I came across a recipe which said banana ice cream and when I read it, it wasn’t even a recipe . It was just a way by which a guilt free creamy banana ice cream can be made. It required no sugar, no cream, no eggs in fact just about bananas and milk and if you are feeling naughty you can add caramel sauce on top and serve it with toasted almonds slices. I had to try it to believe it if it really worked. To my utmost surprise that was the most delicious way of using the bananas and with no extra calories and effort.


1. Peel ripe bananas and cut them into slices.



2. Place the slices in a ziploc and close the bag. Place the bag in the freezer for 6-8 hours or until the bananas freeze.



3. Place the frozen banana pieces in a blender and add a few spoons of milk just to make it easy to churn. The vegans can use coconut milk or almond milk.



4. Churn it till the bananas become creamy and smooth.


5. Take a scoop and place it in a serving bowl. Add a generous drizzle of caramel sauce or maple syrup and garnish with toasted almonds. This makes your delicious ice cream with no added sugar, no cream and without the use of ice cream maker.

Other recipes with banana you can try are : Air Fried Plantain & Potato Kebabs RecipeVegan Chocolate Banana CakeWhole Wheat Vegan Banana Bread with Melon Seeds.




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