Sometimes you have a special attraction towards a particular type of ingredient. You may be fascinated by its taste or simply its appearance. I have such a fetish towards bell peppers, the red ones, the yellow ones and oh the orange ones. When I find them displayed in the supermarket I wanna hoard them. I love the way they make every dish look and taste special. The most interesting thing is that when you roast them they become sweeter and have such an amazing smokey taste. 


Last time when I found these I made charred Bell Pepper and Black eyed Peas Salad. Oh that was a hit in my house. The charred flavours of bell peppers lingers on in your mouth and want you to have them more and more. If you wanna know how to roast bell peppers in oven you can click here. For the sheer love of roasted bell peppers I tried pasta with charred bell pepper and pine nuts sauce. It came out so well and delicious that my husband wants this every now and then. Its a perfect under 30 minute dinner idea. Try it to believe it.


1. Boil pasta of your choice till al dente. Learn how to boil pasta perfectly. Strain and keep aside. In the meanwhile take some fresh pine nut and remove them from its shell. 


2. Toss the pine nuts in a pan on medium high heat for a couple of minutes just to get a bit of colour on them. Do not burn them! Remove them on a plate and set aside.



3. Chop Onion and Garlic finely and set aside. Also roast bell peppers and remove its skin, seeds and membranes. Learn how to roast your bell pepper in your oven.


4. In a grinder add your roasted bell peppers and toasted pine nuts and make a smooth puree.



5. In a pan add some olive oil and add Red Chilli Flakes. We are infusing the oil with the taste of chili. But if you dont like chili you can always ignore this step.



6. Add chopped Onions and garlic and saute them till they have acquired a light golden colour.


7. Add the puree and combine together with onions and garlic. Let it simmer on low medium heat for 5-7 minutes till it starts to bubble up.



8. Season with salt and to make it more velvety add cream to it.



9. Add the boiled pasta and toss it with the sauce.

10. Add Parsley, I used dried because that is what I had on hand. You can use fresh and it will make it more delicious! Also add Parmesan Cheese and combine everything together.



7. Serve hot and enjoy the incredible taste of Roasted Pell Pepper and Pine nut Sauce Pasta. All I need is a glass of wine to make my day 🙂

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I am an extremely lazy person and when that laziness assimilates in me I look for all possible ways to cut short my work, be it cooking, exercise or anything else. Such times see emergence of use of microwave in my kitchen. I hate microwaves and use it only for reheating. I detest baking in it but this lasagna recipe made me change my opinion about microwaves. This single serving lasagna in a mug is like your best buddy and can be made by anyone. Bachelors will love some quick fix dishes and so will people who are lazy like me.


This no cook pasta sauce has been a boon in disguise. I love it for my pizzas and for everything which requires red sauce. Gets ready in a jiffy without any hassle. The ricotta cheese can also be made in no time. Its just paneer with a little salt which is not set and has a crumbly texture. All you need is to curdle milk, drain the whey and its ready to use. Check out a detailed step wise step recipe to make Ricotta Cheese at home.

1.  In a glass microwave friendly bowl add water and Lasagna sheet and microwave for 3 minutes. Cut it into small squares and set aside.




2. Chop Mushrooms and Shred Mozzarella Cheese, set aside.



3. In a bowl add Chopped mushroom, Ricotta Cheese, ground black pepper, granulated garlic,red chili flakes, chopped basil leaves and salt. Set mixture aside.




4. Prepare the sauce by mixing all the ingredients under No Cook Red Pasta Sauce. Set aside for assembly.


5. Pour 2 tablespoons of pasta sauce at the bottom of the mug. Top with a piece of softened pasta sheet. Add some mushroom mixture, 2 tablespoons of mozzarella, and a pasta sheet. Continue building the lasagna, ending with a layer of pasta sheet at the top. Sprinkle mozzarella over the pasta.




6. Microwave everything for 1 minute 30 seconds or until Mozzarella Cheese melts. Serve hot.

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I am always curious to try new food, especially which are localised. When monsoons engulfed the hills we were blessed with some interesting looking vegetables. They caught my attention and I decided to bring them home. They looked curvy coiling and simply gorgeous! I enquired the locals about its name and to share its recipe. It is known by many names Lingda, Lingadh, Lingude, Lingru, Loongru, LungduLiyon, Languda, Kutelda, Kasrod, Nuri, Neuri, Nigro, Niyuro, Dhekia Xaak.


Interestingly it is found in spring season on hilly terrain near marshy areas. In the Indian subcontinent, it is found in the Himalayan North and North Eastern states of India. Also these are found in Canada, Alaska, France and East Asian Countries.

I asked my readers to suggest recipes from their regions and I am elated I have a few I would like to try. In the meanwhile I experimented and decided to cook it with Angel hair pasta. To my surprise it was beautifully delicious. The ferns which are thin and tender are best suitable for cooking and you can cook them directly without steaming or boiling. But if you end up finding ferns which are thicker simply boil them and the thicker outer skin will come out easily. This will help you save time on peeling.


1.  Wash the entire fern under running water and specially the centre are which can have a lot of insects, after all its a wild plant. Once you wash them out. Run a kitchen towel it will clean out all the brown membranes , hair like structure and cut the ends.



2. In a pot boil some water and add the ferns to blanch for good 8-10 minutes, in case they are thick and if you see they are tender about 2-3 minutes will do the trick. Do add salt and drain them once done.




3. After draining them you will be able to peel out the top thick skin easily even with your hands, or else use a knife. Discard the skin and reserve the tender portion. Cut the tender portion into bite size pieces. I liked the coil shape of the fern so dint cut the circle. 



4. In another pot add some water and boil some angel hair pasta or rice noodles. Cook them for 5-8 minutes and drain the water. Run them under cold water and reserve.



5. In a pan add some butter and olive oil.



6. Add chopped onions and garlic and saute them over low flame. Add chilli flakes to bring up the heat.



7. Add boiled and peeled Ferns and saute them till they become slight brown in colour. Add some fresh herbs, I used fresh thyme and chives from my kitchen garden. If you do not have fresh herbs add a combination of dried herbs.



8. Season with salt and ground black pepper.



9. Add the drained pasta and toss iot around carefully. Add a drizzle of olive oil to unite them.



10. Divide the portions into individual serving plates and grate some parmesan cheese. Serve hot.

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When it comes to Pastas, my heart skips a beat. I can eat pasta in any form, any sauce and even boiled 😛 But when you see an authentic Italian pasta on a platter that love transforms into madness. I made Italian Basil Pesto the other day and me and my husband were going gaga over it. We finished more than half the jar by simply smearing it on our breads and eating it. Then I gave an ultimatum to my husband that we are not eating it like this any more and that I needed to make something with this. 


I had some chicken breast and a jar of sun dried tomatoes. Believe it or not the pasta came together in fifteen minutes. By the time I finished boiling the spaghetti, the chicken was ready. I arranged everything together and served. What an amazing dinner it was. So refreshing, light and still filling. In my unconscious mind I took a small trip to Italy <3


1. Boil the pasta of your choice till al dente and set aside. (Learn how to Boil Pasta perfectly). Take out the sundried tomatoes from the jar. And cut them into small bite size pieces. Set aside.



2. Cube the chicken breast. Also mince some garlic and set aside. You can always substitute Chicken with Mushrooms for the vegetarian twist.



3. In a pan add some Olive oil and add minced garlic to the pan and give it a toss.



4. Add Chicken and cook till it has turned white from pink. 



5. Season with Salt and Black pepper. Turn the flame off when it’s cooked.



6. Add the Basil Pesto to the Boiled pasta and also add the chopped sundried tomatoes.



7. Toss them together using a set of forks.


8. Transfer to a serving platter and drizzle some Lemon juice on it. Serve it hot or at room temperature. 

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After Thanksgiving its time for Christmas. Festivity in true sense is spending ample time with family and loved ones. What can be more cherishable than eating together a meal with your family. I love those family reunions. During such get togethers I personally like to serve food which is easy to put together and can be made way in advance. Of course I don’t want to end up cooking in kitchen while rest of the family is having fun together. 😉 Casserole dishes like Lasagnas are best for such holiday get togethers. Sometime back I made Cheesy Chicken Lasagna and Mushroom Lasagna in Bechamel Sauce. But there is another interesting dish Italian Meat balls, which can be made well before time and served with freshly boiled spaghetti pasta. 


Its a classic Italian dish which is flavourful and loved by everyone. It requires just a few basic ingredients and you can pull it off with ease. Traditionally meatballs is done with some kind of meat but I am sharing this recipe which uses chicken, which is lean and has less calories. You can replace the chicken with any red meat of your choice.


1. Finely chop Onions, garlic and Fresh Basil.



2. In a large mixing bowl add fresh bread crumb*  and milk.



3. Add to it an egg and finely chopped basil and grated garlic.



4. Add chopped onion and parmesan cheese.



5. Garnish with Salt and Pepper and mix everything well with a fork.




6. Add minced chicken or any other meat you are using. Mix everything with your hand to form a homogenous mixture but do not over work the meat or you will end up getting tougher balls.



7. Take little mixture in hand and form golf size balls.

8. Add Olive oil to a flat bottom non stick pan and heat it over medium heat. Add the balls into it carefully ensuring not to break them. You can cook them in batches. Cook them for a couple of minutes on both sides. They must get that golden brown colour. Be careful when you flip them. 




9. Place them in a tray until you finish cooking all the balls.


10. In a blender add ripe tomatoes and make a smooth puree. You can use canned tomatoes as well.



11. In the same pan add a little more oil and add onions. Saute them for a while and then add wine and cook for a minute more.



12. Add the tomato puree to the pan and give it a good stir. Carefully drop meatballs to the pan ensuring the meatballs are completely covered in the sauce. Put the lid on and let it cook on low heat for good 1 hour and 45 minutes. Keep stirring in between to ensure the bottom doesn’t get cooked quickly 




12. Season with Salt and Pepper and top it up with torn basil.




13. Serve hot with boiled Spaghetti or any pasta of your choice. Learn how to boil pasta perfectly.

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Okay! All this while I thought what they serve in the Indo Chinese restaurants was American Chop suey, because the menu card said so. But its amusing to find out that this particular Chop suey is actually Indianized version of American Chopsuey. Well stop rolling your eyes! Lemme explain again. Chop suey literally means odds and ends or assorted pieces. Its a recipe where all kind of leftovers are put together with noodles. However, supposedly in America some American Chinese started serving this dish with fried noodles. That is what named it American Chop Suey!

Traditionally this dish has a lot of sea food or meat or both but in India since we have a lot of vegetarians the Chinese living in India gave it an Indian look by replacing the meat with vegetables. This adaptation varies and holds good where ever Chop suey is loved like Filipino Chinese Cuisine, German Chinese Cuisine, Canadian Chinese Cuisine and the list is growing.

I remember the time I was dating like decade and a half back..(yeah I am ancient!) when me and my then boyfriend who is my husband used to hang out in Dilli HaatHe introduced me to Chop suey. Dilli Haat has some delicious Indo Chinese Food, whenever you get a chance to go do try it! 

Well coming back to the topic, in nutshell my husband is a big fan of Chop Suey, hands down. He will religiously order Chop Suey at every Chinese restaurant we go. So one day he was like make Chop Suey for me  and I was like whattt!!! I had no idea how to go about it. I mean had a basic idea that its fried noodles with vegetables and sauce. Mr. Google came to my rescue and I read some recipes. When I fried the first batch of noodles they became sticky and laced. It was a disaster. I kept searching and found a video of a humble lady who gave a tip as to how to fry the noodles so that they come out crisp and non sticky. The video is now taken down or the link doesn’t work. 🙁 The rest was easy and I came up with this delicious Indo Style Vegetable Chop suey.


1. Boil the noodles till al dente. Learn here how to boil pasta perfectly. Drain the water and run them under cold water. Let them rest so that they become little dry.

2. Chop some vegetables like carrots, capsicum, green beans, spring onions or normal red onions, whichever you have on hand. Set aside.


3. In a wok or frying pan add some oil and heat it.

4. Place the boiled noodles in a large plate. and Sprinkle on it some corn flour. 

5. Mix gently so that each noodle is coated with corn flour.

6. When the oil is hot add the noodles together into the wok. When one side is fried and turn golden you can flip it using a slotted spatula.

7. Remove them on a paper towel so that extra oil can be absorbed. Keep them aside till we make the sauce for the chop suey.

8. Remove the oil from the wok leaving only a tablespoon of it. Add ginger garlic paste and saute for couple of seconds.

9. Add chopped onions and saute them.

10. Add carrots, beans and capsicum and saute them on high flame till they become a little cooked but still crisp.

11. Add salt and sugar. 




12. Add some black pepper.

13. Add some Szechuan Sauce. You can make it at home  and here is the recipe Szechuan Sauce.

14. Add tomato ketchup and Soya Sauce.



15. Also add white distilled vinegar.
16. Add Water and bring it to a simmer. You can add vegetable stock instead of water or add stock cube with the water.



17. In a small bowl mix cornflour and water. Add this to the wok.




18. Let the sauce thicken up a bit and then switch the flame off. In the meanwhile line the serving platter with fried noodles.

19. Top it with Sauce and Vegetables.

Enjoy 🙂
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I tasted Avocado in Guacamole for the first time in Mexico. Frankly speaking I did ‘nt like its taste. Infact, it had no significant taste, just a creamy texture. But interesting thing about Avocado is that it acquires the taste of ingredients it is blended with and then the  taste becomes amazing. Gradually, I started liking Guacamole and started using Avocado in a number of dishes.

When I came to India, I missed eating Avocado. On one of my visits to Delhi’s INA market I found this and bought couple of them. I made Guacamole with one and the second one I used to make this delicious pasta. Its simple, light and very healthy.

1. Boil Pasta and keep aside. Learn how to boil pasta here. Chop some tomatoes and take some corn kernels. I used canned but you can always take the packaged ones and boil them till they are soft and tender. Add pasta, tomatoes and Corn kernels together in a bowl.




2. In a blender add avocado pulp. Learn how to peel and cut an avocado. Along with few cloves of garlic and parsley.



3. Pulse the blender to form a smooth paste.

4. Add Salt and Pepper.



5. Squeeze in some lemon juice.

6. Add Olive Oil. And combine.


7. Mix this paste with the pasta mixture evenly.

8. Serve at room temperature as a side dish with your favourite Pan Grilled Chicken or Pan Grilled Fish.

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I was planning to make Avocado Pasta Salad for dinner so I boiled some spaghetti Pasta. On cutting open Avocado I noticed it was  still unripe. So plan changed and this recipe happened because I had already boiled the pasta. I wanted to make something mild, non cheesy and more like a salad. I sautéed some bell peppers and threw in some olives and before I could do further I had my pasta ready , well almost. 🙂

This experimental Pasta Salad was soo delicious and mild with minimum Ingredients. Each flavour could be noticed  separately on your tongue. Its a must try recipe for people who are watching their weight or even for those who want something mild with a bowl of Soup.


1. Thinly slice some red bell peppers. You can use any colour of your choice. All I had was red at that moment. Also roughly chop some Parsley leaves. Also cut a lemon in half and keep ready. Take some pitted Olives and cut them into slices.



2. Boil pasta and run it under cold water. Learn how to boil pasta perfectly.


3. In a wok add some olive oil.

4. Add bell peppers and olives.

5, Add some red chili flakes to add a little flavour to the salad.


6. Continue to saute them till they become little soft but still retain their crispiness.


7. Add boiled pasta and combine with the veggies.

8. Add salt to taste and combine.

9. Add chopped Parsley and turn the flame off.


10. Squeeze juice of Lemon as per your taste.


Serve at room temperature with your Favorite Bowl of Soup.

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Vermicelli Seviyan Upma is a healthy and quick breakfast option which is loved by all. To make a new breakfast recipe every day is a constant struggle. The bigger concern is to have a healthy meal for a healthier start to the day. Coming from a Punjabi Family where breakfast largely revolves around stuffed Parantha cannot be considered healthy for every morning. So I started making this quick vermicelli with veggies and soya granules. Vermicelli is nothing but broken thinned wheat pasta, known as Sevai or Seviyan in Hindi and Fideo Pasta in Spanish Nowadays you get roasted Vermicelli in market which further cuts down the cooking time and uses less oil. 

Also if you are a bachelor or working women you can buy a pack of frozen chopped vegetables and dump it in your freezer for making your life convenient. But nothing compares to the taste and freshness of fresh vegetables. Anyways, the choice is yours.


1. Finely chop Capsicum, Onions, Green Beans and Carrots.Take lukewarm water in a bowl and put frozen corns to thaw. Keep aside. 



2. In a pan or wok pour some oil and add Mustard Seeds. When they start to splutter add Cumin seeds.



3. Put chopped onions and saute them till they start sweating.


4. Add Kaddi Patta.


5. Add capsicum, green beans and carrots and cook for 5 minutes or till you see they loose their firmness.


6. Drain water from the corns and put them along with the vegetables to cook.

7.  Add salt, turmeric and red chili powder.


8. Add water and cover with a lid and cook on medium low flame for 5 minutes till the vegetables become tender.



9.  Add vermicelli and Soya granules. 



10. Mix everything together and add water.



11. Cover with a lid and let it cook on low flame till the water is absorbed.



12. Fluff it up and Serve hot with tomato ketchup.

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If you follow my posts you know I am a big fan of Pasta. I am on a constant voyage to look for new and exciting recipes of pasta. I stumbled upon this recipe on The Pioneer Woman’s webpage. It was like love at first sight. I brought home the ingredients and made it the same day for dinner. Wola! The pasta salad was soooo amazing with a lingering flavor of garlic.


1. In a pot boil water and add salt. Once the water boils add pasta. You can choose any shape of pasta of your choice. I used spaghetti for this recipe. Cook pasta till al dente. Drain water and reserve pasta. Run it under cold water and keep aside.



2. In a blender add sundried tomatoes after draining the oil from it. Also add garlic cloves to it along with salt and pepper.


3. Now add some red wine vinegar and olive oil to it and give it a run. Keep aside.



4. Slice some pitted black olives and handful red cherry tomatoes and keep them aside.

5. In a big serving boil add the pasta and top it up with the sundried tomato vinaigrette and sliced olives and cherry tomatoes.


6. Toss in some good amount of Parmesan cheese.

7. Stir everything carefully and serve with additional parmesan cheese on top.


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