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Yes! I am the girl with apron and my name is Anshu . Qualified as a lawyer with deep interest in cooking defines me in nutshell. Born in a Family where Good Food is a top priority, I have seen my mother more in Kitchen than anywhere else. Cooking is a sacred activity in my family which ultimately leads to salvation of taste buds. I learnt to cook out of need and never out of interest. But gradually that need became an enjoyment and when I set foot on the soil of Mexico it became a passion. I had a good training in cooking Indian cuisines (Cant thank enough my dear mommy) which led to an inherent hunger to learn more. Exposure to a plethora of ingredients generated a deep inquisitiveness to know more about them. And here I am experimenting with food. I would like to share my version of recipes with you, some of these are learnt from my mom my mentor, some from talented friends and some from Uncle Google. Your appreciation or criticism will be deeply appreciated.

You can leave your requests below. I will be happy to post recipes of your choice. You can even send me pictures of the recipes you tried on thesecretingredient.anshu@gmail.com


  1. Priya Sinha Reply

    I love the website … best is steps with picture make recipe so easy… can you pls share the recipe for chowmein…:)

  2. Viney Narang Reply

    great work..really appreciable..do u have some app on android appstore??

  3. Nice job Anshu…you have many awesome recipes…can you help me with Subway's Sweet Onion Sauce Recipe will be really thankfull.

  4. Thanks Mehul for writing in. I am glad you liked the recipes. I will soon try and post the recipe of Sweet Onion Sauce. Stay subscribed and keep watching the space.

  5. simply love all the recipes shared by you….. although dnt get much time to try them all….. keep up the good work.. miles to go 🙂

  6. Jasmeet Ahuja Gulati Reply

    I àm a ardent follower of your blog from now on.

  7. Amazing collection of recipes and love the way they have been presented, tried some of the recipes and they were a big hit among friends and family. Thank you dear.

  8. Thank you soo much Aparna Sharma 🙂 You made my day! Such responses always motivate me to keep moving. Next time you try anything new send me a picture I would love to share on my facebook page. Thanks again for trying and your valuable feedback 🙂

  9. interesting blog.very inspiring.god bless you. I live in dallas texas, can you help me sharing chipotles recipes / their avacados sauce.

  10. Hey Anshu …. after sharing so many wonderful dishes….it's high time, u should start sharing videos too … we want to see u on the limelight 🙂
    By the way great going … keep it up !!!

  11. Hi Anshu, You are an extremely talented girl. Your blog is very organized and neat with simple steps of the recipes. I find it easy to follow. Needless to say that I am your ardent follower (including my other sisters too ;)) on FB and ED food group!! You have quite amazing baking skills. I was wondering if you could include falafel recipe in your blog including making pita at home! If it already there, pls send me the link! I couldnt find it 🙂

    All the best and Congratulations!!

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