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  1. I love the recipe for Honey Oat bread. I noticed it requires Dry milk powder. Does it have to have that or can I substitute that with milk?

  2. Thank you JoAnn for appreciating 🙂 you can replace Milk with powdered Milk. The reason why powdered milk is used and preferred in bread recipes because it enhances the softness of bread and gives it a better texture. While if you add milk to the recipe it effects the process of activation of yeast, therefore it is usually not recommended. I f you want to add milk instead of milk powder you can add little less than 1 cup of milk but at the same time you have to reduce the same quantity of water. Also remember to use boiled/scalded milk at room temperature. And add milk when you add other wet ingredients to dry. I hope that helps.

  3. ThankThanks that does help. I saw powdered milk but only comes in a big container. If it came in small one I would be using. But makes sense on texture.

  4. JoAnn Rita Wyatt Of course you can use Powder milk for your coffee and all those times when you do not have fresh milk at home. I always keep it handy for unforeseen times. Do remember powder milk will have a little thicker consistency than coffeemate but definitely much tastier. Yes not the flavoured ones.

  5. Priti Recipes Reply

    could you post recipes of chimichanga,enchiladas and burritos?love all your recipes. TIA

  6. In eggless walnut pancake instead of baking pwder can we use eno if yes what shd be the proportion?

  7. Neela Baking powder and Eno fruit salt are not substitutes for each other. Whenever a recipe calls for Baking Soda you can use Eno because they have similar properties. But Baking Powder and Baking Soda are different so they cannot be substituted. I hope that helps.

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