How to Cut and Peel An Avacado?

1. Hold the Avacado in your hand and with a sharp knife start from the stem side tip and cut all the way round. It will not cut in the core because it has a huge seed which doesn’t need cutting.


2. Hold both the cut portions in your two hands and pull them apart or in a unscrew motion.


3. Take the seedless portion and insert a spoon under the skin. Move the spoon all over and scoop out the pulp. Throw the skin away.



4. Take the other portion with seed stuck into it. With the help of knife cut the half in 2-3 wedges going round the seed. Pull it towards you. You have another wedge without seed. Remove its skin as shown above.


5. Pull the rest of the other wedges and now your Avocado is seedless and skin less 🙂


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