I am completely hooked to Sourdough breads and its been a long time I have baked a commercial yeast Bread. But then someone told me about Tangzhong method. The secret ingredient is the tangzhong, or water-roux, a method used for Asian breads. It’s a mixture of 1 part flour to 5 parts water, cooked until the starches in the flour gelatinize and the mixture thickens ( this happens at 150°F, or 65°C). Once it cools, you simply add it to the other ingredients and knead. 

When I tried this method the results were spectacular. It forced me to try baking with commercial yeast yet again. The crumb of the bread is to die for. The bread stays soft, supple and tender for longer than usual. The procedure is almost similar to White Sandwich Bread just that you require an additional ingredient which is water roux or tangzhong which can be made easily. I highly insist that you must try this out!

1. Lets first make the water – roux for the bread dough. In a pan add All Purpose Flour and water. Mix it with a whisk so that no lumps are there.

2. Turn the flame on and keep whisking it on low till it begins to resemble a slurry. Turn the flame off and cover it and let it come to room temperature.

3. In a container take some lukewarm water. It should neither be hot nor cold, just hot enough to comfortably put your finger into it . The right temperature of the water is very important for yeast to activate. Put yeast into it.

4. Along with yeast add some sugar.

5. Give it a gentle stir with a fork and let the mixture sit and activate for 10 minutes or until you see some bubbles on top and mixture has become frothy and milky.

6. Take all purpose flour in a bowl and add salt and olive oil.



7. Add the roux at room temperature.

8. Add the proofed yeast to the flour little by little and mix till it comes together.

6. Bring the dough to a flat counter or your kitchen platform and knead for good 10 minutes till it becomes soft and supple. Read more about Bread baking techniques in “Basic Steps to Bake a Perfect Bread

7. Transfer the dough to a greased bowl. And cover with a kitchen towel or cling wrap. Let it sit for an hour or so to double up in size.



8. Punch it down and deflate the dough. Knead for another 5-7 minutes.

9. Grease your bread pan with oil and dust with some flour.


10. Roll the dough into a circle using a roller pin.

11. Take one end and roll it together . Fold in the sides and pinch the seam.




12. Place the rolled dough in the baking pan with seem side down.

13. Cover the dough loosely with a towel or cling wrap or incase you are using pullman loaf pan you can cover with lid and let it rest again for 30 minutes till it rises again. Preheat the oven to 180 degree Celsius for 10 minutes. Brush the top gently with glaze using egg or milk or cream. Sprinkle the top with Oat meal or seeds of your choice.

14. Bake it in the centre rack of your preheated oven for 35-40 minute. Change sides half way for even cooking. If you feel your bread is browning too fast tent it with aluminium foil and continue to bake. remove from Oven and let it sit in Baking pan for 10 minutes then remove from tip and let it rest on a wire rack and slice it when it is completely warm using a serrated knife.

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