Living on the hills has its own advantages and disadvantages.  One of the most amazing part of the hills is that we get access to some fresh bounty in the form of fruit, vegetables and lentils. Everything is organically grown. Last week when I went to Mukteshwar, I saw people selling fresh plums , peaches and apricots on the road side, just outside their orchards. I bought them greedily and started weaving dreams of how I can utilize them. I made Peach upside down cake with peaches, Apricot Almond Cake  and Apricot coriander chutney with apricots and this Plum Ginger Jam with juicy ripe plums. 

This is by far the most amazing combination of jam I have made. The way plum marries ginger is outstanding.  It has an incredible out of the world taste and goes amazing with my Sourdough Bread, I made a small batch to really understand how ginger marries Plums but looks like I have to make a huge batch as the result was sincilating! Try this 4 Ingredient, Preservative free, Pectin free Plum Ginger Jam and you will surely like to thank me 🙂

1. Wash some plums and pat them fry with a kitchen towel.

2. Chop them into small pieces and remove the stone. Place a ceramic plate inside the freezer. 

3. Put the chopped pieces of plums in a pan, preferably a non stick pan. 

4. Add grated ginger, lemon juice and sugar.

5. Mix everything well and turn the flame on. Keep cooking on medium high flame.

6. The plums would release its liquid and entire mixture will come to a boil. If you feel their is little liquid in the plums add 1 tbsp water and cook.

7. Keep stirring and cooking. As the plums cook the colour of the jam will become darker. After 10 minutes approximately when you notice it has achieved some what jam like consistency you can test by putting quarter of a spoon on the frozen ceramic plate and run a finger in between it. If the division remains clear your jam is ready but if the jam runs over, you need to cook a little longer and do the test again.

8. Turn the flame off and let it cool down before you transfer this to a glass jar. Store in the refrigerator for couple of weeks. Please use a clean and dry spoon for spooning out the jam from the jar.

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