Some friends from my hometown were visiting us in the hills. My parents asked them to carry a few lemons from their yard. Last time when I had the lemons in abundance I made the Lemon Pound Cake with Lemon Glaze and this time I wanted to make Laura Vitale’s Key Lime Pie. My husband was leaving for a shoot to mumbai and I had one hour in hand. I decided to make this dessert for him so that he leaves with some sweet memories. ha! I am such an adorable, dotting and caring wife 😛 (No pun intended)

So this was an easy peasy recipe and required no baking just a little chill time. The weather was already freezing so it needed half of the time to set and it was soo soo good. I loved the three layered tart, crumbly and sweet culmination. If you like lemony tart desserts you sure will be on cloud 9. Please ensure that you add ample whipping cream as suggested in the recipe. I know the lessor will have less calories but it will be quite lemony for the taste buds. 


1. Take Graham Crackers or even digestive biscuits will work great. I have used the later. Add them to a bowl and crush them to make crumble. I have used a pestle for this. 

2. Add butter at room tempertaure to the crumble. Also add powdered sugar.


3. Mix everything together and dump the crumble mix on a pie pan with removable bottom. You can buy one like this on The Gourmet Shop at reasonable prices. Press the crumble into the base evenly using the force of a spatula or even a small bowl. Set the pie pan aside.

4. In another bowl add the condensed milk and add a zest of a lemon. 

5. Squeeze out juice of lemons and mix that to the condensed milk and combine using a whisk.

6. Pour that condesnsed milk mixture on top of the tart pan over tha layer of biscuits. Let it sit in the refrigerator and set for a cuple of hours. 

7. In the meanwhile take out thawed whipping cream from the fridge and whisk it with electric whisk till stiff peaks are formed. 

8. Place a pipping nozzle of your choice in a pipping bag and fill the bag with whipped cream. Tightly close the bag and cut the tip with a pair of scissors.

9. Pipe the top of the lemony pie with whipped cream all over. You can even spreead the cream with a spatula, pipping is not mandatory. You can beautify it further by adding additional lemon zest.

10. Put it inside the fridge for whipped cream to settle. Slice and serve. 

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After Thanksgiving its time for Christmas. Festivity in true sense is spending ample time with family and loved ones. What can be more cherishable than eating together a meal with your family. I love those family reunions. During such get togethers I personally like to serve food which is easy to put together and can be made way in advance. Of course I don’t want to end up cooking in kitchen while rest of the family is having fun together. 😉 Casserole dishes like Lasagnas are best for such holiday get togethers. Sometime back I made Cheesy Chicken Lasagna and Mushroom Lasagna in Bechamel Sauce. But there is another interesting dish Italian Meat balls, which can be made well before time and served with freshly boiled spaghetti pasta. 


Its a classic Italian dish which is flavourful and loved by everyone. It requires just a few basic ingredients and you can pull it off with ease. Traditionally meatballs is done with some kind of meat but I am sharing this recipe which uses chicken, which is lean and has less calories. You can replace the chicken with any red meat of your choice.


1. Finely chop Onions, garlic and Fresh Basil.



2. In a large mixing bowl add fresh bread crumb*  and milk.



3. Add to it an egg and finely chopped basil and grated garlic.



4. Add chopped onion and parmesan cheese.



5. Garnish with Salt and Pepper and mix everything well with a fork.




6. Add minced chicken or any other meat you are using. Mix everything with your hand to form a homogenous mixture but do not over work the meat or you will end up getting tougher balls.



7. Take little mixture in hand and form golf size balls.

8. Add Olive oil to a flat bottom non stick pan and heat it over medium heat. Add the balls into it carefully ensuring not to break them. You can cook them in batches. Cook them for a couple of minutes on both sides. They must get that golden brown colour. Be careful when you flip them. 




9. Place them in a tray until you finish cooking all the balls.


10. In a blender add ripe tomatoes and make a smooth puree. You can use canned tomatoes as well.



11. In the same pan add a little more oil and add onions. Saute them for a while and then add wine and cook for a minute more.



12. Add the tomato puree to the pan and give it a good stir. Carefully drop meatballs to the pan ensuring the meatballs are completely covered in the sauce. Put the lid on and let it cook on low heat for good 1 hour and 45 minutes. Keep stirring in between to ensure the bottom doesn’t get cooked quickly 




12. Season with Salt and Pepper and top it up with torn basil.




13. Serve hot with boiled Spaghetti or any pasta of your choice. Learn how to boil pasta perfectly.

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