Sometimes you have a special attraction towards a particular type of ingredient. You may be fascinated by its taste or simply its appearance. I have such a fetish towards bell peppers, the red ones, the yellow ones and oh the orange ones. When I find them displayed in the supermarket I wanna hoard them. I love the way they make every dish look and taste special. The most interesting thing is that when you roast them they become sweeter and have such an amazing smokey taste. 


Last time when I found these I made charred Bell Pepper and Black eyed Peas Salad. Oh that was a hit in my house. The charred flavours of bell peppers lingers on in your mouth and want you to have them more and more. If you wanna know how to roast bell peppers in oven you can click here. For the sheer love of roasted bell peppers I tried pasta with charred bell pepper and pine nuts sauce. It came out so well and delicious that my husband wants this every now and then. Its a perfect under 30 minute dinner idea. Try it to believe it.


1. Boil pasta of your choice till al dente. Learn how to boil pasta perfectly. Strain and keep aside. In the meanwhile take some fresh pine nut and remove them from its shell. 


2. Toss the pine nuts in a pan on medium high heat for a couple of minutes just to get a bit of colour on them. Do not burn them! Remove them on a plate and set aside.



3. Chop Onion and Garlic finely and set aside. Also roast bell peppers and remove its skin, seeds and membranes. Learn how to roast your bell pepper in your oven.


4. In a grinder add your roasted bell peppers and toasted pine nuts and make a smooth puree.



5. In a pan add some olive oil and add Red Chilli Flakes. We are infusing the oil with the taste of chili. But if you dont like chili you can always ignore this step.



6. Add chopped Onions and garlic and saute them till they have acquired a light golden colour.


7. Add the puree and combine together with onions and garlic. Let it simmer on low medium heat for 5-7 minutes till it starts to bubble up.



8. Season with salt and to make it more velvety add cream to it.



9. Add the boiled pasta and toss it with the sauce.

10. Add Parsley, I used dried because that is what I had on hand. You can use fresh and it will make it more delicious! Also add Parmesan Cheese and combine everything together.



7. Serve hot and enjoy the incredible taste of Roasted Pell Pepper and Pine nut Sauce Pasta. All I need is a glass of wine to make my day 🙂

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Come Winters and Tomato Soup is a frequent phenomenon on our dinner table.  The soup is creamy yet tasty. The best part is it doesn’t taste like restaurant tomato pureed soup. It has the perfect blend of vegetables and tomatoes. Of Course its my Mother’s recipe as she would add all possible vegetables and hide them under that delicious and beautiful looking soup. Its a full meal in itself but you can always serve it with bread sticks or even vegetable sandwich. My little one loves this soup. You must also give it an opportunity to become your favorite soup.


When I was in Mexico I remembered how people would fall for this soup. They found it so comforting and when I speak to them now they tell me how they miss us and the tomato soup. This simply makes me proud that a petty soup can stay in someone’s memory for so long. You should try it, it certainly is comforting for the winter season.

1. In a pressure cooker pour some oil and wait for it warm up little. You can also use a deep pot instead of a pressure cooker. I prefer Pressure Cooker because its faster. Add garlic and sauté it for a minute till you see it starts to get golden colour. Add Onions and sauté them till they become translucent. This will take another minute or two.

2. Add Carrots, beetroots and saute them along with garlic and onions for another minute or so.


3. Add Gourd also known as Ghiya or louki or Calabasa or Zucchini and mix it to release some of its moisture. This will also take a minute.


4. Now add tomatoes the most important character here. Stir the vegetables for another minute.


5. Let us garnish the vegetables with Salt and Pepper.


6. Now add about a liter and a half water into it or enough to drown the vegetables. And close the lid of the pressure cooker with whistle on. Cook on high flame till you hear the first whistle or hissing sound and then turn the flame on low and continue to cook for another half an hour. Open only when the entire pressure has released itself. If you using deep pot add about two liters of water and cover the pot with a lid and cook on high flame for ten minutes then turn the flame on low and cook for at least an hour or when you see vegetables turn tender. Do not forget to stir occasionally like after every few minutes and if you see water level dropping add more water.


7. Now drain the vegetables with a colander and do not throw away the water. Reserve it.


8. Now put these vegetables in a blender and puree them till soft.



8. Now mix the reserved water with this puree. And sieve it using a colander. You will find a little residue left in the colander, throw it away.


9. Bring a boil to the sieved soup. If you feel the consistency is too thick add little water to dilute it.


10. If you like add a spoonful of thick cream or malai whisked using a fork. Season again with Salt and Pepper, if needed. Serve hot and beat the cold. 🙂

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