This is authentically my husband’s recipe and I proudly say that he makes it better than me every single time. This is a little twist over the regular french toast as it is a omelette wrap around over a slice of bread. The grated ginger and sauteed onion gives it a unique flavor. It is so easy that you can ask your spouse to make it for you for a weekend breakfast. In this case I am lucky for my husband loves to make this for me on a Sunday morning. How romantic is that! This is definitely a pleasant change to make eggs on a busy office day. Its fast yet tasty and filling.


1.In a mixing bowl break two eggs and whisk them using a whisker.


2. Add a spoon of milk to fluff up the eggs. Add salt and pepper. Whisk again. Set aside.


3. In a pan melt some butter. Add chopped onion and grated ginger and finely chopped green chili if you like. Seems Mr. Pande skipped it. Toss them for a couple of minutes in butter.



4. Now pour the whisked eggs over sauteed ginger onion and ensure it spreads all over the pan.


5. Without wasting time place a bread slice in the center of the pan over the eggs while they are still liquid.


6. Now flip the bread side and let the other side also absorb the egg liquid.


7. When you feel the bottom of the omelette has solidified but the top is still liquid start folding the four corners to wrap the bread.It may not be perfect but really doesn’t matter. We cook for taste and not for perfection. 🙂



8. Now flip the wrapped bread and cook on the other side till slight golden.


9. Serve it just like that or sprinkle some Parmesan Cheese with Chili Flakes.



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