Pancakes are my favourite breakfast as they bring out the child in me. I love the fluffy, cakey texture and then you get to decorate it with chocolate, maple syrup, honey… fresh fruits… chocolate chips and every sugary thing on earth!! Its time for Halloween and I have roasted a huge pumpkin and made fresh Pumpkin Puree. Today I made these fluffy pancakes with pumpkin puree which were to die for.


I plan to make a lot of other things in the days to come. Adding Pumpkin to recipes is not only delicious but pulls up the nutritional quotient of the dish. If you wanna hide pumpkin in your kids food try these pancakes. I am sure they will love it.


1. In a bowl add All purpose flour, Pumpkin Pie Spice and Baking Soda. You can make it at home very easily. Follow this recipe.




2. Also add salt and sugar. Combine everything well and set aside.



3. In another bowl add evaporated milk, Pumpkin Puree (Oh you can also make this at home. Learn to make it how).



4. Add egg and oil and combine everything well.



5. Add wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and combine till everything is moist. Add a little water and make the consistency pourable.



6. Heat a pan or griddle and brush it with butter or spray with some oil. Pour a ladle full of batter in the centre.  



7. When you see some bubbles emerging on the cake batter that’s when you must flip it to cook on the other side. Cook the other side for a few minutes or till the top is golden in colour.



8. Stack a few pancakes on top of each other and generously drizzle with some maple syrup and even a cube of butter. Indulge in the festivity with style, taste and nutrition.

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There are a few vegetables which are not commonly used in all households. It might be due to difficulty in making them or purely because of their taste. When I saw elephant foot Yam which is also known as Suran or Jimikand in the farmer’s market I asked my mother why we never brought it home. The reason she gave me was that she did not like its taste but that my grandfather was very fond of it. I decided to buy it and experiment it in my kitchen. Sometimes when you make a recipe in your own style disappoints you. What you need is a fresh eye and a new recipe which makes that dish exciting. That is exactly what I did and tried a gujarati recipe which can eaten during navratri fasting. 


The recipe was quite simple and the results were amazing. The khichdi turned out delicious, filling and I found a new and interesting way to use Jimikand. I will be trying out more suran recipes in the days to come. Lets see if I can make Suran more appetizing and to my taste buds.

1. Apply oil in your hands to avoid irritation and itchy feeling on your hands while handling Jimikand.  Cut a piece of suran or jimikand and peel its skin.




2. Grate the yam and soak the grated pieces in a bowl of water till we use it for cooking. This will prevent it from getting black.


3. In a wok add some oil and when the oil is hot enough add cumin seeds and sesame seeds and wait for them to crackle for a few seconds.




4. Add chopped green chillies and pounded peanuts. toss the peanuts till they have got some colour. Do not burn it.



5. Add grated yam and salt. Mix everything and let it cook uncovered for 6-8 minutes.



6. Add ground cinnamon and cloves and combine. Since its a gujarati Recipe you may like to add a little sugar to it. I am not fond of it so gave it a pass. Turn the flame off.


7. Add juice of lemon and mix thoroughly, this will prevent the itchy feeling when you eat it and overall makes the khichdi delicious. Garnish with fresh Coriander Leaves and grated fresh Coconut.



8. Serve hot with fresh plain curd and falahari Dhaniya Chutney. Its the most fulfilling vrat or fast recipe and can be made in no time.

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We are an egg loving family. For us our breakfast has to be with eggs but the same old omelette and fried eggs can be boring at times. So when I picked up this Polenta from SOS organics I was keen to make something with it. Polenta is widely used in Italy as a porridge. Its also known as Corn Semolina. The corn is coarsely ground in a mill and is used widely in place of wheat and rice. Its excellent for those people with gluten allergies. 

This is not exactly an elaborate recipe post as you are used to seeing on my blog but its an interesting breakfast idea which can be made in a jiffy and which is utterly delicious and nutritious. You must be well aware by now what emotions I have with respect to Eggs. I have recently come across high protein, organic and nutritious Eggs from Eggee. And trust me I never had better eggs than this in India. If you can lay your hands on Eggee I insist you try any recipe with it and you will feel the difference in taste and texture. Earlier I had posted a few other egg breakfast recipes on blog like Spinach Mushroom Quiche, Italian Frittata with Mushrooms and SpinachShakshoukaWrapped French Toast Mexican Casserole Eggs. However, this combination of simple fried or poached egg with polenta and pesto is a killer. If you are looking for homemade Italian Basil Pesto  you can try here. Nevertheless, you can buy in a jar. Just cook your polenta following the directions below wand assemble everything together.


1. For polenta, pour water in a saucepan and bring it to a boil. Add polenta and simmer it for 20-25 minutes till the polenta is cooked and has absorbed water.




2. Take it off the flame and season with salt, pepper and parmesan cheese. Mix thoroughly and set aside for assembly.




3. Fry eggs. If you like you can even poach them.


4. You can make your own pesto by using fresh ingredients and you can follow this recipe. Now in order to plate this dish ladle some Polenta in a large serving bowl, garnish with Pesto and olive oil and place your fried egg in the centre resting on the bed of Polenta and pesto. You can even garnish with pine nuts.

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And then it happened! I have been meaning to try this recipe for such a long time, that it is crazy. Sometimes I dont have Red Bell Peppers, sometimes I am running out of fresh Parsley and then sometimes I am just pure lazy. This glorious day in my lifetime I had everything I needed to make Shakshuka or Shakshouka. First let me talk a little about what Shakshuka is. No No its not a Gujarati dish. Do not confuse Shaak for Veggies . Shakshuka is a Jewish Libyan recipe of Eggs with Red Bell Pepper, Tomatoes and Cumin. My sources (read Wikipedia) say, it was  believed to have originated in Libya, North Africa by the Jews. Wikipedia says, Shakshouka is a staple of Tunisian, Libyan, Algerian, Moroccan, and Egyptian cuisines, traditionally served in a cast iron pan or tajine with bread to mop up the sauce. It is also popular in Israel, where it was introduced by Tunisian Jews and Maghrebi Jews, hundreds of thousands of whom immigrated to Israel during the 1950s. 


That’s about its history, let me talk about its present. Its the most delightful, filling and balanced egg breakfast you can think of. I have plenty of other eggs for breakfast recipe on my blog including Italian Frittata, Wrapped French ToastMexican Casserole Eggs and soon coming Polenta with Eggs. But this one wins the race. Ever since I made it the first time I have been doing this every weekend. This seems to have been my husband’s favourite currently. 

But remember to use fresh eggs because they make a huge difference in the taste. I have used Eggs by Eggee. They deliver the best, freshest eggs handsdown. If you are really an egg lover like me and my family, you will fall in love with Eggee. 

1. Chop some Onions finely and garlic.



2. Also chop some tomatoes and Red Bell Pepper and set aside.



3. In a cast iron Skillet or a normal pan, pour some Olive oil. You can always buy your Cast Iron Skillet at our Online Store The Gourmet Shop, cheaper than anywhere else on the web and we ship pan India 🙂


4. Add Red Bell Pepper, Onions and garlic and saute them, till they turn a little soft but hold its crunch.



5. Add tomato Puree and combine.


6. Add chopped tomatoes to the skillet.

7. Season with Salt, Paprika and Cumin Powder. 




8. Add Water to the skillet and cover the skillet with a lid and let it sit on low flame till the tomato goes all gooey.




9. Make little cavities in your skillet with the help of spoon and crack Eggee eggs into them. Cover the skillet again for next 5-6 minutes for the egg whites to set. 



10. Sprinkle some freshly chopped Parsley leaves on top and serve with bread to dig into that yummy sauce.

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