Indo Chinese Cuisine  is an adaptation of Chinese seasoning and cooking techniques to Indian tastes. We all like Chinese food but we Love Indo Chinese version because the taste is very homely, very Indian, very warm. I think each country adapts Chinese food to their taste buds. When we lived in Mexico the Chinese food almost tasted like Mexican food, similar salsa and similar seasoning.

The way Indo Chinese food has penetrated in our daily life style its simply amazing.  Be it hakka noodles, manchurian, fried rice and many many other dishes. Infact I make it quite often in my kitchen because my kiddo loves pasta and noodles and with the help of noodles I can make him eat vegetables. I was requested to share recipe of hakka noodles by one of my viewers. I thought I must share this easy breezy recipe. 


1. In a large pot boil water till it starts bubbling. Add salt.



2. Now hold the spaghetti noodles in your hands and twist them from one end and insert it in boiling water. This way you don’t have to break the noodles and it perfectly falls inside the pot. Cook al dente and drain extra water using a colander . Gently wash noodles under cold water and keep them in cold water until use.



3. Chop Cabbage in length. Make sure you throw away the hard portions.  Also chop capsicum, bell peppers and onions in length. Keep aside.



4. Thoroughly wash chopped cabbage for any dirt or worm under the tap in a colander. After washing keep it aside to drain off extra water.


5. In a wok pour some oil and saute onions on a high flame. 


6. After onions are sauteed add capsicum and bell peppers. Keep tossing the vegetables on high flame till they acquire colour but are still crisp.


7. Now add cabbage and toss till its crispy but cooked.


8. Once vegetables are done add noodles after draining the cold water. Add vinegar.



9. Add soya sauce and Salt and pepper.



10. Toss everything together ensuring not to break the noodles. Serve hot.



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