Ever since I have acquainted myself with Rosemary, I have used it left and right in every possible recipe. To my good fortune all experiments have come out delicious and fragrant. Rosemary combines so well with garlic. Its like a match made in heaven. This was my first venture with Rosemary Garlic. The Baked potatoes came out divine and intoxicating..pun intended!

Ever since then they are party favorites. All my friends would request this whenever they visit our place. And those first timers would fill their tummies with these leaving no space for main course. So watch out!! They can be very very addictive.


1. Wash potatoes and scrub their skin well for we are going to bake them with their skins on. That’s how they taste good.


2. Dry them with a kitchen towel and cut them into large wedges.



3. Line them up  on a single layer on a microwave proof plate. Cook them in microwave for 5-6 minutes on full power. This will cook them faster and make them crispier.



4. Once out of the microwave put them in a bowl and pour on top Olive oil.


5. Also add  salt , black pepper, red chili powder.




6. Add to it fresh rosemary chopped or dried,which ever is readily available and garlic powder.



7. Mix it well using both ur hands so that potatoes are evenly coated with oil mixture. Let it rest for fifteen minutes to half and hour, depends on your patience.


8. Preheat the Oven to 200 degree Celsius. You can convert Oven Temperatures here. Line a baking sheet or tray with aluminium foil and put it in the Oven while it is preheating. When the sheet becomes piping hot, carefully remove it from the oven . 


9. Line the potatoes on the sheet on a single layer. The potatoes must sizzle when you place them on hot baking tray. In between the potatoes put garlic cloves with their skin on.


10. Bake it in oven for 30 minutes or till they become golden brown and crisp. Serve them with Pudina/Mint Chutney or Cream Cheese or simply Ketchup.



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