Summer food should be vibrant, fresh and soothing. I keep trying recipes which are refreshing like salads, yogurt dips, smoothies and less spicier. I had been eyeing this beet root raita from my fellow blogger and friend Priti’s blog Indian Khana for a very long time. Last week when I had my in laws home I wanted to make something different for lunch along with mint pulav I had made for them. When I tried this Beetroot or Chukandar raita, it was a perfect blend of spices and the taste was top notch. Its an easy peasy recipe but totally a game changer. Thank you Priti for this incredible raita recipe. This is a keeper.

You can add fennel seeds also as the original recipe said but I skipped it because I am allergic to fennel seeds. I am sure it will make the taste more interesting for people who like it. Leave me a feedback if you try this amazing raita. I am head over heels over its fascinating colour. It tastes as good as it looks. 

1. Wash the beets thoroughly and peel its skin.

2. Grate them using a grater. Place the grated beets in a bowl.

3. Add Chopped coriander and and green chillies.

4. Add rock salt. Roasted Cumin Powder and salt. Let it sit for 5 minutes. The juices of beet will run out and will make it less bitter in taste. 


5. Whisk Curd or plain yogurt and mix with the beets after 5 minutes. Add a little water if you think the yogurt is way too thick,

6. Mix this yogurt with the beetroot and spices. 

7. Garnish with more coriander leaves and serve with you favourite meal.

Other Raita or yogurt based dishes you can try are : Bathua ka Raita  Purslane Yogurt Dip, Aloo Anaar ka Raita, Baigan ka Raita.

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