When you are married to a health freak, its quiet usual to try healthy recipes at home. Be it salads, high protein recipes and even homemade sauces and dressings which are preservative free and taste amazing. A few days back when my husband wanted to eat Tuna salad, we were out of Mayonnaise. To be honest we barely buy mayonnaise because I hate the taste of store bought mayonnaise. I would rather eat anything bland than to add packaged mayonnaise. My husband suggested if I could try making it at home. With a reluctant mind I gave it a try. To my astonishment it converted me into a mayonnaise lover and I was glad there are no inferior ingredients used in it and everything is fresh including organic eggs from Eggee.

If you make a small batch you can even whisk it with hand and it comes together easily and in a couple of minutes. But if you choose to make a huge batch handheld electric whisk can come in handy and save you all the manual labour. If you are a vegetarian and hate the taste of raw eggs in mayo you can try this Eggless Mayonnaise.

1. Separate the egg whites and egg yolk. Oh do you see those yellow bright eggs from Eggee. For the recipe of mayonnaise we are going to use only egg yolk. You can use the egg whites to make Meringues. I will post the recipe super soon.

2. Add Dijon Mustard to egg yolks. I used the grainy one but you can use the smooth one also. I personally like the texture and taste of grainy dijon mustard. Also add salt and white vinegar to the bowl of egg yolks.

3. Add juice of lemon and black pepper.

4. Add sugar and whisk everything together.


5. Add Oil and keep whisking simultaneously. If you add oil in one go the mayonnaise may curdle. Therefore, keep adding little oil and keep whisking for five-seven minutes till desired consistency is achieved. If at all you curdle your mayonnaise do not fret, it can be fixed. Yes you heard me right. See the notes on the printable recipe as to how to fix curdled mayonnaise. Ofcourse you can thank me later 😉

6. Transfer it to a glass jar and refrigerate till further use. If kept covered and refrigerated mayonnaise stays good for 2-3 days. Do try it and keep me posted.

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