During Navratras one is tired of eating the same food again and again. I understand you are fasting and are required to eat a particular type of food, but what if you can make some interesting food using the same ingredients. Here is one recipe which is easy and delicious yet does not use any fancy ingredients. It uses Sabudana which is also known as ‘Tapioca‘ in many countries.This can also be made for breakfast even on non fasting days.

1. Soak Tapioca in a bowl with water for a couple of hours till the tapioca balls become soft. Drain water and set aside. In the meanwhile boil potatoes and peel their skin. Cut them into cubes and set aside.

2. In a pan pour some oil and add cumin seeds along with few leaves of Kaddi Patta. When the cumin seeds start sputtering add raw Ground nuts and toast them for a couple of minutes.

3. Add grated ginger and gently mix and cook for a minute or so.

4. Now add boiled cubed potatoes and roast them in oil with cumin and other spices. 

5. After potatoes have attained a golden colour and have become little crisp from outside add salt or sendha namak namak and red chili powder and mix it thoroughly.


6. Add pre-soaked tapioca to the potatoes and mix thoroughly.



7. Cover the tapioca potato mix with a lid or small plate tightly and let it cook on low flame for about five to seven minutes.

8. Open lid and check if the tapioca has become slightly gooey and become transparent in colour.


9. Garnish it with Green Coriander leaves.


10. Serve with plain yogurt and green pudina chutney.   

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