Sabudana Tikki or Croquettes are simple to make and taste simply delicious. They make a perfect Party entree. You can serve them with Pudina Chutney. The mixture can be made well in advance and cooked just before serving. Since they are without Garlic Onion, they can be enjoyed even during Navratas and other fasts. 

The fusion of various ingredients gives it a addictive flavour and crispy texture. Its even popular among kids. All you have to do is control the spice and chilies. I make it for my kiddo as an evening snack and tea time snack for us.


1. Soak Sabudana in water for 2-3 hours . The water should be enough to cover the sabudana. If you add more water they will become mushy. Also boil and peel potatoes.


2. Put the potatoes in a bowl and mash them using a potato masher or simply with your clean hands.


3. Add pre soaked sabudana to potatoes. Drain water before adding to potatoes, if any.


4. Add red chili powder.


5. Add chopped coriander leaves, chopped green chilies and finely grated ginger.

6. Add salt or sendha namak and amchur.



7.  Combine them together using your fingers.

8. Pour Oil in a pan and let it heat on a medium low flame. I plan to use little oil to fry them so Iam using a flat bottom pan. I f you wish to deep dry them you can pour oil in a wok byall means. Also you can use Paniyaram or Appe Maker Pan for oil free sabudana vada.


9. Take little mixture in your palms and shape it into a croquette or tikki. Make them thin so that they cook till inside even on frying. Remember we are not deep frying them. You can roll them into balls, if you like.


10. Put them on the pan to fry with hot oil.


11. Cook on both sides till they acquire golden brown colour.

12. Transfer them on a kitchen paper towel so that extra oil can be absorbed by paper. Remove them after a minute or else the paper might stick to the croquettes.


13. Serve them hot with Pudina Chutney or Spinach Coriander Chutney without onion garlic.

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