During Navratri or any Hindu Fasting Onion Garlic is primarily abstained other than foods depending on each type of fast or one’s own personal belief. My mother makes this delicious Spinach Coriander Chutney in bulk to last a few days for Navratri. It goes great with Sabudana Khichdi, Sabudana Tikki and even with Swang ke Chawal ki Khichdi. It is so yummy that you can easily devour a bowl full of chutney with any food. You can also make this on any other day. Its full of flavour and spice.  


1. Separate Spinach and Coriander leaves from their stem and wash them thoroughly to remove all dirt. Also wash tomatoes and green chilies. I also had a red chili. I used that also.


 2. Roughly chop tomatoes and put them in blender along with chilies, spinach and coriander. To it add black rock salt.


3. Also add amchur and chat masala.



4. Add few spoons of water to make blending easier.


Serve with your favourite dishes like Sabudana Khichdi, Sabudana Tikki and Swang ke Chawal ki Khichdi. Stays good to eat for 2-3 days on refrigeration. 

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