Sabudana kheer
Since I was a little girl I love Sabudana Kheer. More for its texture and less for its taste. The swollen tapioca /sago pearls makes it gooey and creamy.  I personally like it cold and refrigerated for the kheer becomes thick and dense. The only time I get to eat this is during Navratras when I am fasting.

It is definitely a delicious delight. But if you have some guests coming over you can make this in a jiffy. Just that you have to soak Sabudana in water few hours in advance.


1. Soak Sabudana Pearls in water for atleast 2 hours. Overnight is Best. Pour water only to the level of sabudana.

2. In a deep pan put ghee and roast the dry nuts until crisp. Set aside.


4.  Add milk in a wok or milk boiler and bring it to a boil. Let it simmer on low flame for 10-15 minutes till it reduces to almost half.


5 . Add soaked sabudana discarding the water, if any. Keep Stirring till milk reduces and sabudana absorbs the milk.



5.  Add saffron strands and crushed cardamom. You must not miss adding rose water to give it that extra deliciousness.


6. Add sugar and stir.


7. Garnish with roasted dry fruits, fresh rose petals and even dried rose petals will add glamour to the pudding.  Serve Hot or refrigerate to serve cold.

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