Summers in India can be treacherous. You have to constantly hydrate yourself specially if you are going out any good day. I am lucky to be living in the hills where the temperature is still tolerable, Where the plains have transformed into furnaces hills are a soother. To keep yourselves cool we regularly need something to drink and if it is healthy, its an icing on the cake.

Last week when my parents sent us musk melons or as we call them kharbooja in hindi, we had to finish them before they start perishing. I decided to do this smoothie. I wasn’t sure if it will taste right, but anyways I went ahead and tried it. It tasted just wonderful and guiltfree. Since then it has been a regular feature in my daily routine.

1. Wash and peel a cucumber. Take a small bite to check for bitterness. It should not be bitter as it will spoil the taste of smoothie.

2. Cut it into half and further half and scoop out the seeds with the help of a spoon. Cut it into cubes.


3. Cut open a musk melon and dice it into cubes.

4. Place the cucumber pieces and melon pieces into a blender along with few leaves of mint.

5. Add a drizzle of honey.

6. Squeeze in juice of a lemon and blend it into a smoothie.

7. Pour it into glasses and serve cold.

You can try other things to beat the heat like Mango Coconut Pudding, Quick Pista Badam Kulfi.

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