I live in the hills where the backyard of every house is occupied by the fruit trees and those trees are laden with ripe fruits. This time of the year we get plums or Aalubukhara in abundance. Although they are easy targets of monkey menace but we manage to get some fruits for ourselves. 

I am not very fond of plums as a fruit per se, but love to make delicious pies and chutney out of it. I finished making a batch of Plum Chutney and I still had a few lying unused. I decided to make a quick plum smoothie. I added some mango pulp to balance the tartness of plums. Ohh it was amazing and so very refreshing and not to mention how it helps to regulate High Blood pressure and Improves Bone Health.


1. Pick some ripe plums and wash them thoroughly.


2. Cut the plums into slices and discard the stone. Also scoop out pulp of a ripe mango.


3. Put the plums and mango in a blender and add brown sugar or mascabado sugar. You can even use jaggery powder.


3. Add a pinch of salt and add water.



4. Blend it together to form a smoothie. Serve chilled and enjoy this summer drink.

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  1. Served this delicious drink to my guests as a welcome drink… and very happy that they too enjoyed this mango and plum fusion… 🙂

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