Navratri or Navratras are very special to me. I feel so rejoiced during the entire fasting period. I love to fast, cook and feast. Thanks to my mother for introducing new food every time so every time we have something new to try.

You can eat Sabudana Tikkis, Sabudana Khichdi, Sama k chawal ki Khichdi or simple Aloo Jeera. But everything you eat is accompanied with plain simple curd or in the form of Raita and a chutney to enhance the deliciousness of food. 

Here is one such phalahari chutney which uses minimal ingredients and uses no onion garlic but primarily coriander. My mother has been making this as long as I remember. She also makes another pharahari chutney of Spinach Coriander but thats only if your fasting rules allow eating Spinach.


1. Separate the coriander leaves from the thick stem. You can spare the tiny soft stems.


2. Wash the coriander thoroughly under running water.


3. Put the washed coriander leaves in a grinder along with green chilies. I am using one because my husband has a sour throat these days.



4. Add to it sendha namak or rock salt and. little sugar



5. Also add to it roasted cumin powder and chat masala if its allowed as per your fasting rules.



6. Squeeze juice of a lemon.


7. Grind them to form a smooth paste. Check for salt Serve with your favourite food.

You can try other Chutneys and Salsa like Mint Chutney, Coconut Chutney, Chimichurri, Phalahari Spinach Coriander Chutney.

You can try other Navratri Food Like Sama Ke Chawal Ki Khichdi, Kaddu ka Halwa, Rasgulla, Khajoor & Til Laddoo.


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