Its time for Christmas and my son is head over heels about the festivity. He wanted to erect a Christmas Tree and was so excited to decorate with his favourite ornaments. I was so thrilled to see him like this. So I decided I will make for him another Christmas tree but this time made up of cookies. I made deliciously crisp and spiced gingersnap cookies and arranged to make a christmas tree. He helped me bake them and also helped in making the tree. It was such a fun loving DIY. He totally liked the idea of dusting it with confectioner’s sugar which represented snow. I guess sometimes you want to become a child with kids. 

I rolled the cookie dough and cut them into star shapes in different sizes. This 5 star cookie cutter set can be found on my online store The Gourmet Shop. If you like this idea and wish to make it with your little ones you can always buy this cookie cutter set from here. You can use any cutout cookie/biscuit recipe for this. I simply love the Ginger Snaps. They are so appropriate for the Holiday season. If you still haven’t tried my Gingerbread man Cookies you must do it now and also this recipe.


1. In a bowl add butter at room temperature. Add sugar to it and whisk well till everything becomes creamy and smooth. I have used SOS Organics Khandsari Sugar which is raw and unrefined.

2. Add eggs, Vanilla extract and Molasses and again whisk well.

3. In another bowl add All Purpose Flour,  Nutmeg powder and Cinnamon Powder.

4. Also add ground Black pepper and Baking Soda. Combine everything with a spatula.

5. Now combine wet and the dry ingredients and whisk well till you get a sticky dough.

6. Place a sheet of cling wrap and grease it with melted butter and place the dough on it.

7. Close the cling wrap and place the cookie dough in the refrigerator for at least overnight. 

8. After the cookie dough has rested, sprinkle some flour on the silicon mat or parchment paper and roll the dough into 1/8 inch circle. Cut them into star shape in 5 sizes. Each size should atleast have 2 pieces. 

9. Preheat your oven on 150 degree Celsius (Learn more about Oven Temperature and conversions). Place the cut of cookie on a baking sheet lined with Silicon Mat. It ensures noting sticks to the baking sheet.

10. Bake in the preheated oven for 10-12 minutes till it becomes dark in colour. Keep an eye that it should not over bake for it will become black and will taste awful. Let it rest on the cooling rack for 15 minutes only then start arranging it. For arranging a  cookie tree you need whipped cream or royal icing. I had whipped cream on hand so I used that. In case you want to make royal icing you can learn from here .

11. Take a serving plate or board. Put a little whipped cream in the center and place the biggest Star cookie on top of it.

12. Again put little whipped cream on top of the cookie and keep placing 2 more cookies of the same size as shown in the pictures.

13. Now repeat the same process with descending size of cookies. When you feel desired height has been achieved dust the top with some Confectioners Sugar. It will make everything so pretty.

14. You can serve this at your Christmas party and impress your guests. You can make various trees with these cookies, if you are over enthusiastic. 😉

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I have been receiving numerous requests from friends, followers to post more Gluten Free Recipes on my blog. Some of them have celiac issues and some want to include gluten free flours in their diet.. Earlier I had posted recipe of Gluten Free Brownies with Ragi FlourNo Bake Amaranth Granola Bars which received great reviews from you all. If you try any of my recipes, please send me the feedback with a picture. I would love to showcase them on my facebook page. Such feedbacks keep me motivated.

This time when I had organic Amaranth Flour from SOS organics I knew I will be trying out something different with it. The Amaranth Flour has a slight nutty flavour. And then I came across this recipe which was not only Gluten Free but also Vegan and Diabetic Friendly. These Savoury Herbed Crackers  are loaded with herbs and has a subtle flavour of garlic. They are so easy to put together and loved by all. You must try them at least once.

1. Preheat the oven to 180 degree Celsius (Learn more about Oven Temperatures and Conversions). In a bowl add the Amaranth Flour and Baking Powder.

2. Also add chopped garlic and salt to the flour.

3. Add dried or fresh herbs to the bowl and combine. You can use any herb or combination of herbs to your liking.

4. Add water and Olive oil.

5. Combine everything using your hands or you can do the same in a food processor. Mix this till everything comes together like a dough. Don’t add more water or oil. Its a gluten free flour so it will take some time for it to come together.

6. Place the dough on a sheet of Parchment Paper and roll it thin using a roller pin. It should be about 1/5th of an inch in thickness.

7. Use a cookie cutter and cut them into desired shapes. Place them on a baking sheet lined with Parchment Paper. You can use a spatula to lift the cracker dough for it is very fragile.

8. Use a fork to prick the crackers all over. Bake the crackers in preheated oven for 12-13 minutes. Keep a close eye not to over bake them. Let them crisp up a little before biting into them.

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As a foodie I feel life is so short and there are so many cookies, cakes and dishes in this world. One has to really keep trying as many new things as possible. With this thought in mind I often like to try out new cookies whenever I get a chance. My blog is already over flowing with cookies and biscuits of a wide variety. 

My baker friend Jayshree Nischal from The Baking Sutra is super talented and her bakes are an inspiration, I tried her Anzac Cookies and these were one of the bestest cookies I have made so far. I have been eyeing these special cookies for a while now and when Jayu posted them one day I could not control my temptation.


A brief background check on Anzac Cookies or Biscuits, these are traditional biscuits from Australia and New Zealand and are suppose to be eaten on the Anzac (Australia New Zealand Army Corps) Day. This day is celebrated on 25th April every year in honour of soldiers who have lost their lives in the wars, especially World War I. During the war times, these biscuits were sent overseas on ship to locations where the soldiers were stationed. The biscuits were nutritious and had a good shelf life and even survived the long ship journey. Also they were pretty solid and wouldn’t break easily. They were also known as “Anzac Tiles” or “Anzac Wafers”. However, the new modern recipe of Anzac makes them soft unlike the traditional ones.  I wouldn’t keep you busy in history anymore. Here goes the recipe.


1. Preheat your oven to 160 degree Celsius (Learn more about Oven Temperature and Conversions). Line a baking sheet with Parchment Paper or Silicon Mat (You can order this silicon mat online from The Gourmet Shop, our online Gourmet e store). In a bowl add Flour and Rolled Oats. I have used Whole Wheat Flour you can also use All Purpose Flour or Maida.



2. Add dessicated Coconut to the the bowl along with castor sugar. You can even use Brown sugar powder also. Combine them and keep aside.



3. In a sauce pan add water and butter. Turn the heat on, on medium and let the butter melt.



4. Add honey and combine. Then add baking soda. The mixture will become all frothy. Turn the flame off .




5. Add this liquid to the dry ingredients and combine till everything comes together.



6. Take a spoonful of this mixture in your palm and roll it into golf size ball. Place them on a baking sheet and press them slightly to flatten them. There should be at least 3 inches gap between each cookie as they spread a lot on baking.



7. Bake them for 15 minutes on 160 degree Celsius on the centre rack. When you see them they are light golden remove them from oven and let them rest for ten minutes on wire wrack. It will help them crisp up further. Dunk them in a glass of cold milk and you will be straight in heaven 🙂

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My husband and me are Subway Lovers. That is our favourite Sandwich place in the whole wide world. Every place I have been outside India I have had sandwiches from Subway. If we have subway in our city we tend to eat three to four times in a week there.  At the end of every meal I grab an Oatmeal Cookie for myself and eat it greedily. They are soo very addictive. I guess that is one reason for me to make a frequent visit there.

The other day I was craving for the Subway Oatmeal Cookie (we dont have a subway in hills bohooo :'( ) So I decided to hunt on the web for a recipe which is as close to Subway’s Oatmeal Cookies. After a few hit and trials and trying a few recipes, I think I hit a jackpot. This recipe from Aarthi’s blog was almost near to what I was looking for. I tweaked it a little to make it just PERFECT. You have to try it but dont blame me later that I dint warn you for they are soo addictive.


1. In a bowl add Flax Meal (Learn how to make Flax meal or Flax seed powder at home) and 3 tablespoon water. Let it sit for 5-7 minutes till it becomes gelatinous. You can always replace flax meal with an egg if you are okay with it.



2. In a bowl add Butter (at room temperature) and caster Sugar. Whisk them together until creamy. 



3. Add the gelatinous flax meal and combine.



4. Add Cinnamon Powder, Quick Cooking Oatmeal and baking soda.




5. Also add Whole wheat Flour or atta and Raisins. Combine everything into a dough.



6. Line a baking sheet with Parchment Paper or Silicon Mat. I use Silicon Mat because it can be used again and again and nothing sticks on it. You can order your own silicone cookie mat from our online store, The Gourmet Shop. Scoop out the cookie dough with an ice cream scooper or you can even use a normal spoon and place them on the tray. Ensure to keep 2 inch space between them, as they will spread on baking. 



7. Press each cookie ball with your palm and put them for baking in a preheated oven for 17-18 minutes  on 180 degree Celsius (Learn more about Oven Temperatures and Conversions) until you see them slightly golden. 

8. Take them out of the oven and let them sit on wire rack for ten minutes before indulging. They will crisp up as they come to room temperature.



9. Put them in an airtight cannister and they will stay good for more than a week, if only you can resist not eating them. Enjoy them with a cup of hot coffee or a glass of milk. You know for sure they are better than subway 🙂

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I am not a huge fan of Corn flakes, I prefer wheat flakes over Corn. So is the case with my family. I had a packet of Corn flakes feeling abandoned. And when I saw a post of Besan Cornflakes Cookies by Ravneet it triggered a spark and compelled me to try these. It was a rescue mission for the poor corn flakes but later I realised I have to get another packet of corn flakes as the cookies cake out quiet nice. My husband and son ate them all in no time. 


The another fascinating thing about this recipe is that its gluten free. For those who are avoiding gluten for any specific reason can safely indulge in this. I love the way cardamom goes with chickpea flour. It fondly reminds me of Besan Ke Laddoo 🙂 Yum!

1. In a blender add corn flakes and grind them into a coarse powder. You can even crush them using a rolling pin, but if you leave big flakes they will fall out and cause trouble in shaping the cookies.



2.  Mix the corn flakes power and besan or chickpea flour in a bowl. Add Baking powder and give a gentle mix to the dry ingredients and set aside.




3. In another bowl add castor sugar and add cardamom powder.



4. Add Ghee or clarified butter to it along with some Olive Oil.



5. Add milk and give the wet ingredients a good whisk until everything is well incorporated.



6. Add wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and knead everything into a paliable dough. If you think you need more milk to get it together you may add a few teaspoons. 



7. Divide the dough and roll into small balls of equal size and place them on a cookie tray lined with Parchment Paper or Silicon Mat. Preheat your oven to 180 degree Celsius for ten minutes.



8. Flatten the dough balls with your palm and place slithered almonds on top of your cookie and press slightly. I used almond flakes.



9. Bake in the middle rack of your oven on 180 degrees (Learn more about Oven temperatures and Conversion) for 12-15 minutes or until you see them slight golden. Remove them from oven and place on a wire rack to cool down for about ten minutes and then dont wait just grab a cookie and indulge 🙂

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This winter I had made Chyawanprash which is an Ayurvedic Indian Gooseberry or Amla Herb Jam consumed specially during winters to boost immunity and promote longevity. I had made a huge batch made for my small family. However, now that the winters have come to an end I see a small bottle lying unnoticed. I decided to play brave and tried to experiment by adding them to the cookie dough and roll them into cookies. I had seen this recipe a while back on the web however it was sketchy and contained eggs!! Who adds eggs to Ayurvedic Recipe???.. its Blasphemy! 


I combined the Chyawanprash with Whole whet Flour and also added ginger powder or saunth to it. The cookies came out amazingly crisp with goodness of Chyawanprash. Jaggery powder or Brown Sugar imparted a fabulous texture to it and also a kind of  soothing earthiness. I am taking these for my Mother in Law coming week as she follows Ayurveda, I am sure she will love it. If you too have Chyawanprash lying unattended, bake these cookies and surprise everyone by putting it to right use.


 1.  In a small bowl add flax meal and add water and let it sit for 5-7 minutes until it turns gelatinous. Learn to make Flax meal here.



2.  In a larger bowl cream together butter and brown sugar.




3. Add to this the flax meal mixture and combine well.

4. Add Chyawanprash and mix.



5.  In another bowl mix Flour and Baking Soda. Of Course you need to sift the soda, you don’t need lumps.



6. Also add Ginger powder and Salt. Combine.



7. Add little by little of this dry flour to wet ingredients and combine. You can use your hands to mix.



8. Add a few spoons of milk to ease combining.



9. Preheat your oven to 180 degree Celsius and Line your baking tray with Oddy Uniwrap Parchment Paper because it makes your cookies slide off from the tray without sticking to the bottom and also it makes cleaning super easy.

10. Roll the dough into golf ball size and roll in caster sugar.



11.  Place them on the cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and press them with your palm slightly.



12. Bake it in the oven for 12-15 minutes on 180 degree C in the centre rack till they acquire a slight golden colour.

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ChaywanprashCookies_Featured2[whohit]Chyawanprash Cookies[/whohit]

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On my last trip to Delhi I gathered a lot of strawberries for my experiments. Ha! I sound as if I am a mad scientist..well almost 😛 When I made the Strawberry Preserve for my family they went gaga over it and it was finished in a few days. I never have had so much jam in my entire life. Well I am left with is an empty jar and sweet memories on my tongue. The next on my mind was to use them for some cookies. I know it sounded weird but when I did my google I saw there were many weirdos like me. I zeroed down to Harini’s Recipe and it was huh! Heavenly!


The colour of cookies was so enticing that my little sunshine picked up one, and then two and finished three of these with milk in his favourite short mason jars. You know baker mommies they just love this and that’s how their heart melts. I am simply going to repeat doing this whenever I have strawberries next. In the meanwhile you try and indulge.


1. Wash and hull strawberries and cut into slices. With the help of your finger tips coarsely mash them. A blender will make it a puree, but we just want them coarsely mashed. So stick to your hands.




2. In a bowl add butter and sugar. Cream them together.




3. Add coarsely mashed strawberries and combine.



4. Add Vanilla extract and combine.

5. In a separate bowl sift and combine All Purpose flour Baking Powder and Custard Powder.




6. Add the flour to the wet ingredients and mix together to form a sticky dough. Refrigerate the dough for 30 minutes so that it becomes easier to work with. 



7. Line a baking sheet with Oddy Uniwrap Parchment Paper and preheat the oven to 180 degree Celsius. 



8. Divide and roll the dough into golf size balls and place them on the baking sheet. Press them slightly with your palm. 



9. Bake them in oven for 12-15 minutes. Remove them from oven. Let them cool down completely before indulging into it.

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This is my first post the year. It has been crazy in the midst of workshops, bakes, pickle orders and a much much more. Not that I have not been baking , just that I have a different laptop to work with and it is taking a while to adjust. So a lull in posting. I hope you missed me as much I missed you. Here’s a super quick dessert which is easy, crisp and equally delicious.   


These Coconut Macaroons are not to be confused with French Macarons. The two words refer to completely different things. Both macarons and macaroons are confections, and both names are derived from the Italian word ammaccare, which means “to crush” – but that’s where the similarities end. Traditionally, these coconut macaroons are made with whipped egg whites, however this recipe is eggless and far more easy and yet so delicious!


1. Preheat your oven to  350 degree F ( Learn about Oven temperatures and Conversion). In a bowl add some dried flaky Coconut. Also add to it All purpose Flour and little salt.




2. Add to the bowl vanilla extract and condensed milk.



3. Mix them thoroughly using a spoon. Wet your hands and roll them into golf size balls.



4. Line a baking sheet with Oddy Uniwrap Parchment Paper and place these balls on it. 

5. Bake them in preheated oven for 15 to 17 minutes or until golden. Remove them on wire rack to cool off.

6. Enjoy these crispy flaky Coconut Macaroons in no time. Perfect solution for quick dessert cravings.

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Few days from now and it will be Christmas!! And I will be home with my parents. I may have been raised Hindu but having studied in a Christian School makes me yearn for Christmas and fun & frolic associated with it. I remember as a little kid I would decorate a potted plant in my house 😛 Now that I am a mommy, the spirit of Christmas hasn’t died in me, rather it is coming out in the form of baking and cooking delicious food which makes the festivity more joyous.



A little while back I had posted Melomakarona : Greek Christmas Cookies and since then the vicious circle of baking is on. The next on my list if to bake my Rum Cake for Christmas. I smell the rum soaked dry fruits everyday and greedily imagine when the cake will be baked. Well looks like I will do that in a day or two, cant wait beyond this 😛 Nevertheless here are my authentic ginger bread man cookies which are made with molasses syrup. It has a distinct spiced flavour to it which makes you warm and feel good about the weather around. Not to mention, its so much fun to decorate them using royal icing. You need a little practice and patience to decorate them perfectly. Clearly I lack both 😉 My kiddo had fun baking these cookies with me. He ate the entire first batch by dunking them in his glass of milk. Definitely, he is mumma’s boy <3

1. In a bowl add All Purpose Flour.

2. Add to it  ginger powder, ground cinnamon and cloves powder.




3. Add baking soda and salt. Mix all the dry ingredients well and set aside.




5. In another bowl add butter at room temperature and add brown sugar to it. I used light brown sugar as it was the only thing I had on hand. Add molasses and give everything a good whip until creamy and soft. I used my electric whisk but you can always do it manually.




6. Add an egg to it whisk again. Now its time to add your dry ingredients little by little till everything comes together in the form of a dough.



7. Divide the dough into two or four balls and wrap them in a cling wrap and refrigerate for an hour or until the dough is set.

  1. DSC04391
    8. Preheat the oven to 180 degree Celcius (Learn more about Oven temperature and Conversion).Take one ball of dough and let it sit on counter till it is workable. Dust your counter well with dry flour and roll it into a 1/8 inch circle. Cut it into gingerbread man shape using a cutter. If you think your cutter gets sticky you can dip it into flour and continue to cut the shapes. You can buy gingerbread man cookie cutter from our online store The Gourmet Shop



9. Place them on a baking sheet lined with Oddy Uniwrap Parchment paper. Bake them for 10 minutes in a center rack until they turn a little brown. 


10. Cool them completely and decorate them with Royal Icing and candies. Learn to make Royal Icing easily at home.  

11. You can dunk them in milk or enjoy them as it is. Its a treat for kids and you can even gift it to your loved ones to melt their heart this season.

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Its November end and Thanksgiving is over.  I can feel the chill in the air and my nose turns red when I take my daily walk in the hills. I have soaked the dry fruits in Rum for the Christmas Cake, which officially means that Christmas has begun. Hurray!! now who can stop me from baking delicious cakes and cookies. 

Incidentally, this months Spatula Force Theme Challenge was Greek Cuisine hosted by my Friend and Food Blogger Bhawna Pandey from Salt and Pepper . This motivated me to try  the Greek Traditional Christmas Cookies Melomakarona. They are delicious, melt in mouth, egg shaped cookies with goodness of Olive Oil and Honey. They are Spiced with Cloves, Cinnamon and Orange Zest. Doesn’t that sound very festive and christmasy? 

The baked cookies are dipped in Sugar Honey Spiced Syrup and finally glazed with Honey and chopped Walnuts. Ohh!! The taste is absolutely mindblowing and scintillating. You must try these to believe me 🙂 I loved to photograph these cookies and creating a little Christmas like ambience. Thanks to my friend Lily for the beautiful platter she gifted me on her visit. Doesn’t that look amazing!


1. Wash and dry a firm Orange and take out its zest, only the orange part using a microplane or zester.

2. In a saucepan add some water and add to it lemon zest and orange juice.




3. Add sugar to the saucepan along with cinnamon and Cloves.




4. Bring the syrup to a boil and then simmer for two minutes. Turn the heat off and add honey and mix well till it is dissolved. Keep aside.




5. In a mixing bowl add Vegetable Oil, Olive oil and Orange juice. 




6. Add to bowl baking soda and whisk together with the juice and oils. Let the soda react with the juice.



7. Add ground Cloves and Cinnamon and combine  



8. Add caster sugar or icing sugar to the oil juice mixture and mix well along with orange zest. Add semolina and combine using a whisk. 




9. Now add All purpose flour little by little and combine to make a smooth dough. Do not over work the dough.



10. Divide the dough into walnut size elliptical or oval shape balls and press them against a grater to get the pattern. Other wise you can use a fork to make pattern of your choice.



11. Place them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or silicon mat, with amble space between each cookie* and bake for 25-30 minutes on 200 degree Celsius  in middle rack. Keep an eye after 25 minutes, for it shouldn’t get over baked.



12. Immediately as they come out of the oven dip them in the  syrup we prepared before for 20 seconds. You can use slotted spoon to take them out.



13. Let them drain and rest on a wire wrack. When they cool down drizzle them with Honey and sprinkle on top some coarsely ground walnuts. 




14. You are ready to dig into them and make this Christmas more special and Joyous.

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