Last week I had posted my Watermelon and Feta Cheese Summer Salad Recipe which was appreciated by a lot of you. Many had requested me to share more such fresh salad recipes to beat the heat. It’s practically impossible for me to eat anything greasy and rich during summers. I can simply live on fresh salads. They not only soothe my soul but are a great detox. I can have one meal of just salads. This apple celery salad is very simple and requires no spadework and can be made in a jiffy. The dressing of Mustard Vinaigrette pairs so well with the sweetness and crunch of apples and the zing of celery.

Every salad needs that nutty flavour which balances the acidity and the crispness of vegetables. The toasted walnuts and pomegranate actually perform this role and trust me they are good. I will be posting more such salad recipes so keep watching the space and subscribe to my social media handles on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.


1. Core and chop some fresh apples and place them in a salad bowl. Also add celery leaves and its tender stems.

2. Add chopped and toasted walnuts to the bowl along with pomegranate arils.

3. For the dressing add honey in a separate bowl and to this add dijon mustard sauce.

3. Squeeze in a juice of lemon and also add olive oil. Whisk everything together.

4. When you are ready to serve pour this dressing over the apple celery mix and toss everything well. 

5. Serve as it is.

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Come summers and I become so picky about my food. The gravies and rich curries make me nervous. Thanks to the fact that I live in hills, which are pleasant even in the summers. All I want to eat all summers is salad. Therefore, I keep trying new combinations which doesn’t let me get bored. Summers also help me get rid of the winter fat I have picked up. If you are watching your weight and are looking for options I will be posting more such recipes and will also post links to the recipes I had done before. 

This time I got adventurous with this Watermelon and feta salad. Not to mention I almost chopped my finger while cutting the watermelon and there was blood all over 😛  This salad uses very few ingredients but makes bomb of a salad. The sweetness of watermelon marries the sourness of feta cheese and the crunchiness of fresh cucumber contrasts well with black olives.  The dressing is just minimal imparting it a subtle naughtiness! If you have been hit by summer go for this salad and be easy on yourself. Not everything about summers is bad.. remember we have watermelons to brighten up our lives 🙂

1. Chop ripe and fresh watermelon into bite size cubes. Also chop some Tomatoes into cubes. Place them in a salad bowl.

2. Add cubes of Feta cheese and slices of black olives. Peel a fresh Cucumber and chop it into cubes. Add them to the salad bowl. Add leaves of Fresh Mint.

3. In a small bowl add olive oil and Balsamic Vinegar. Mix them well and pour over the salad.

4. Serve and enjoy the bounty of summer.

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I always wanted to try the Red variety of Rice locally known as ‘Patni Rice’. Its all referred to as “Weedy Rice” or “Bhutanese red”. The Rice has beautiful red colour and even red husk. It is often eaten semi hulled and has an enchanting nutty flavour. The grains are short and thick so it doesn’t get mush on cooking and is quite chewy which makes it perfect for salad dishes. The nutritional quotient of this rice is much higher than other varieties of rice because it is unpolished and is eaten with germ intact. You can read the health benefits of Red Rice here in an article. This is grown in the North Himalayan, coastal Central and Western parts of India.

So when I saw packet of Patni Rice by Conscious Foods  in the supermarket I knew I am making a wonderful decision by buying it. Not only are their products amazing but also organic. Last time I had made Sorghum and Whole Wheat Persimmon Cupcakes with Organic Sorghum Flour from the list of amazing products that these guys have launched in the market. If you like to place order for any conscious food products you can order with our online store The Gourmet Shop.

Since the texture of the rice is chewy and the taste is nutty I made an Indonesian Style Red Rice Salad with some veggies and tossed some Macadamia Nuts and serve it with boiled eggs. Oh what a wholesome meal it was. This is to be informed that its not a quick fix, toss and mix kind of salad recipe. It requires cooking and a bit of your time. But trust me the end result will really impress you.

1. In a pot boil some water. Wash the red rice thoroughly and drain its water. Add the washed rice to the pot of boiling water. Add a clove for an incredible aroma and let it boil with the rice. This is purely optional.

2. Let the rice come to a boil and then turn the flame on low and let it cook on simmer with lid on.

3. After 45 minutes on simmer or when you see the water has evaporated, the rice will be cooked al dente . Set aside.

4. Chop vegetables like spring onions,green chilly, red Onions, garlic, ginger, slice mushrooms, red bell pepper, coriander leaves. You can add any vegetable you like.

5. In a pan pour some oil and add chopped onions,green chillies, ginger and garlic. Saute them till the onions have been soft and raw smell of garlic and ginger has faded.

6. Add sliced  mushrooms and toss them in oil till they are semi cooked. Add red bell pepper and continue to cook.

7. Add soy sauce, pomegranate molasses and Coconut milk.

8. Season with salt and pepper.

9. Add cooked rice and combine. Let it cook for another 5 -7 minutes till the flavours are absorbed by rice.

10. Dry toast some macadamia nuts in a pan. 

11. Transfer the rice to a serving bowl and toss in some toasted macadamia nuts and serve with Boiled eggs. This cant get better than this. 

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Since the starting of the year when I got my air fryer I have been trying recipes giving them a new healthy avatar. I made Malai KoftaKamal Kakdi Kay Koftay Plantain & Potato Kebabs and many other things in this amazing gadget. It has changed the way we eat. The things I avoided because they were fried and greasy have come back in our life but now with a healthy makeover. Making this decisions not only keeps our weight in control but also gives us the pleasure of eating everything (almost) without feeling guilty. 


Recently, I was thinking about making Begun Bhaja which are deliciously crispy Aubergine Slices which are marinated in spices and then deep fried. This recipe hails from Bengal which is known for its cuisine and culture. I love traditional recipes and dont wanna twist and turn them much. I followed the same recipe however I changed the way you cook it, I air fried them to make them guilt free. They were still crispy and delicious. If you are thinking to change your lifestyle do invest in an airfryer and make healthy choices, because you are what you eat 🙂

1. Take a big sized Aubergine or Eggplant. The bigger the size the bigger will be the slices. Wash it and pat dry.

2. Cut it into thin slices about 1 cm thick and soak them in salted water for about 20-25 minutes. We soak the eggplant slices because sometimes the eggplants can be bitter and this will ensure they loose their bitterness. 



3. In the meanwhile in a bowl add Red Chili Powder and turmeric powder.



4. Also add garam masala, amchur powder.



5. Also season it with salt and add chana masala. yes that does the trick!



6. Pat dry the soaked pieces of eggplants and rub the dry spice mix on them on both the sides.



7. Place them in the bowl and sprinkle some lemon juice on them. Let them marinate for 10 minutes. 

8. Preheat your airfryer for 10 minutes on 180 degrees.

9. In a flat plate take some chickpea flour or besan and coat the marinated eggplant with flour on both sides. You can dust the extra.



10. Once the air fryer is preheated add a few slices on the wire rack of the basket and brush with some mustard oil. Let it air fry for 15-18 minutes. Flip it half way and brush the other side also with oil and continue to cook till you see them golden brown and crisp. Follow the same with rest of the slices.

11. Serve hot with dal and roti or you can just eat it like a snack with your drinks 🙂 

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After months of consistent exercise regime and healthy eating I am ten kilos down. The irony of a Food Blogger is that you have to cook fancy schmancy food which is not always healthy. At the end of the day that ends up in your butt. But the only way to escape is to compensate all those calories with equal amount of exercise. In the past few months I also ended up cooking and baking healthy recipes which makes eating a guilt free experience. Addition of soups and salads in my diet has uplifted by energy level. 


Boiling Vegetables is so underrated and cruel. Roasting them gives them that crisp coat and enhances its flavour. I love to roast vegetables and doing it with my favourite Broccoli makes it top notch delicious. The addition of Garlic to this makes it a lethal combination. You must try it to believe me. If you like a little spicy, pep it up with some red chilli flakes.

1. Preheat your Oven to 200 degree Celsius (Learn more about Oven temperatures and Conversion). Cut a Broccoli head into small sized florets. Place them in a colander and wash them thoroughly under running water for any grit. 



2. Chop some cloves of garlic finely and toss them with the broccoli florets.



3. Add a drizzle of Olive oil.

4. Season with Salt & Black Pepper. 



5. Transfer the broccoli in a baking dish and place in a single layer. Sprinkle some Red Chilli Flakes.



10. Bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes until the broccoli is tender. Toss in lemon juice, parmesan cheese, and 1 tablespoon olive oil; serve immediately.

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You can even try Roasted Potatoes with Garlic and Rosemary.


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The mercury is rising all across the nation and the effect has started to be felt even on our hills. The parched summer gives the appetite a toss and all you can think of eating is Summer Salads and drink cool smoothies and drinks. I have already made my favourite Mexican Mango & Black Bean Salad yesterday and also tried Couscous and Chickpea Salad last week.


 So which means it was time for me to try out something new. I had some Black eyed peas or as we call them lobia in Hindi in my pantry. No one in my home is fond of lobia. I tried to use it in my salad for that protein power and paired it with charred red bell peppers. The most delightful was its dressing. I had canned Anchovies  in Oil and I added it to the Red Wine Vinegar and tossed it on my bean salad. The pungent and strong flavour it added to my salad was amazing. If you are a vegetarian or do not eat fish then I would say you can easily skip adding this to your salad. Rest everything remains the same.


1. In a bowl soak lobia or Black eyed peas in water for an hour. Add water and pressure boil it for  15 minutes until al dente. Make sure its not mush. Alternatively you can use canned Black eyed peas.




3. Take red Bell Peppers and Char them and peel its skin. and cut into large chunks and set aside. Learn how to roast Red Bell Peppers in Oven and peel its skin.


3. In a bowl add canned anchovy, without the oil and mix with minced garlic. 



4. Add red wine Vinegar and Olive oil.



5. Season with Salt and Pepper.



6. Add Chopped Fresh Coriander Leaves. You could even add parsley instead of Coriander. It will give different yet a fabulous taste.


7. Add boiled and drained Black eyed peas to the Vinaigrette and combine.



8. For the assembly, place the roasted pieces of Bell pepper on the platter and spoon the top with the black eyes peas in the vinaigrette. You can throw in any greens to balance the flavour. I used a few leaves of iceberg lettuce and a few leaves of Fenugreek or methi. I know Fenugreek sounds weird but it totally balanced out the sweetness of Peppers. Last but not the least a generous sprinkle of Parmesan Cheese.

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Its been a while that I have fried anything in my wok. I either air fry stuff or bake them to perfection. I guess eliminating fried food from my life has helped me lose weight and I actually feel good about it. Some time back I had posted Baked Paneer and Corn Kebabs, they were immensely loved by you all and also by my family. So the other day I had Broccoli florets and I wasn’t in a mood for Cream of Broccoli Soup. I decided to make baked croquettes with Broccoli with an addition on egg and bread crumbs. What I thought would turn out an average dish came out an amazing recipe.


We tugged it under a burger bun and smeared some Parsley Pistachio Pesto over it and enjoyed our lunch in comfort. It was the best broccoli recipe I have ever made. If you have Broccoli Naah! people in your family, surprise them with this amazing dish.


1. Take one head Broccoli and cut it into florets. Wash well under running water.




2. In a large pot add some water and bring it to a boil. Add salt to it.


3. In a wire mesh submerge Broccoli florets in water for  seven to nine minutes or until they are blanched al dente. Don’t let them go mush.



4. Drain the broccoli and place them on a kitchen towel and squeeze out all the water. Give broccoli a coarse chop under the knife and set aside.




5. Chop Onions and Garlic and set aside.

6. In a pan add little oil and add chopped onions and garlic. Oh I had some chopped red and yellow bell pepper I added them too for colour. But its optional. Saute them until they are slightly cooked.



7. In a bowl mix Broccoli, eggs, onions and garlic, grated cheese and breadcrumbs.


8. Add salt and pepper to the mix and combine.



9. Line a tray with Parchment Paper and preheat the oven* to 200 degree Celsius.(Learn more about Oven temperatures and Conversions). Take a little dough in your hands and shape them into patties.


10. Place them on baking sheet and brush them with oil.


11. Bake in the oven for 15 minutes. Flip and bake for another 15 minutes or until browned and crispy.

12. Tug them inside a burger bun and top it with Parsley Pistachio Pesto and enjoy hot. You can also line the burger with veggies and cheese.

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Ever since my husband gifted me this Air fryer I cant stop trying recipes which I had earlier put in abeyance for I never wanted to eat fried food. This Navratri I was very excited because a lot of fasting food is fried and I gotta a chance to try variety of dishes in air fryer. Yesterday when I noticed my facebook friend Geeta di had posted the Dahi Paneer Kebabs for Vrat or Fasting, I could not control myself and made these in a jiffy. They were so delicious that my boys (Fully grown as well as my little kid) ate them tastefully.

The taste was enhanced by the fact that they were healthy. I used half a teaspoon of oil for 9 kebabs, which isn’t bad at all. Ishall be posting more of my trial in my new Airfyer <3 Oh man! I am loving this.. 


1. Wash and Boil some potatoes and peel off their skin. Place them in a mixing bowl.

2. Add crumbled paneer or Cottage Cheese to it.

3. Add Chopped Green Chillies and Grated Ginger.



4. Add Plain Thick Yogurt. You can even use hung curd. I had a creamy thick curd which wasnt runny, so I used that.

5. Add salt, red Chilli Powder and Garam Masala.




6. Add chopped Coriander leaves.

7. Add Singhara flour or also known as Water Chestnut Flour and combine everything well.



8. Take small portions and shape them into patties and place them all on a plate.



9. In the meanwhile preheat your Air Fryer to 180 degrees for 10 minutes.

10. Place the kebabs into the basket of air fryer and brush them with little oil on top.

11. Air fry them for 15-18 minutes till you get a golden colour on top. If you wish you can brush them with more oil in half time. I did not. Serve them hot with Phalahari Chutney

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On my last trip to Delhi I got these Asparagus. I remembered how I gorged on these while I was in Mexico. I loved the Roasted Asparagus with Parmesan Cheese. Oh the flavour still lingers in my head. I wish to do that recipe for you next time I get Asparagus. This time I wanted to share with The Asparagus Soup which is relatively healthy if you control the cream part. Its a favourite in my family. Just team it up with a good hearty sandwich or pasta for that matter and your meal is complete. 


The original Recipe from Chef John added zesty Lemony Cream on top. I did the same along with some Chilli Oil for that extra kick! Both the versions are delish. 


1. Chop some Onions and set aside. You can use white Onions but all I had was the red ones.


2. Wash a bunch of asparagus and chop it into small pieces, leaving out the woody ends.



3. In a pot melt some butter.



4. Add the chopped onions to the melted butter and keep sauteing it till it has become translucent. The longer you do that on low flame the more sweeter will be your soup from the onions.


5. Add vegetable broth or you can use water and broth cube,



6. Let the broth simmer for a while and then add salt to it.



7. Add chopped asparagus and let it cook uncovered till you see they have become slight soft. You don’t want them mush as it takes away the beautiful green colour and makes it look pale.




8. Turn the flame off and blend it into a smooth puree. You can pass this soup through wire mesh or strainer to remove the fibre. I chose not to. You can do whatever you prefer. Add some cream to the soup and combine.




9. Add little cayenne pepper or you can even use red chilli powder, some ground black pepper and nutmeg powder.




10. In a bowl add cream and parmesan cheese  and zest of a lemon. Whisk everything together using a whisk.



11. Top the soup with a spoonful of this zesty cream and a few drops of Chili Oil.

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