Kulfi is a traditional popular frozen dairy dessert from Indian Subcontinent. This ice cream is much more creamier and denser than usual ice creams and can be made in variety of flavors like Mango, cardamom, saffron and many many more.. The distinct feature of kulfi is that it is not whipped during making so it has much longer melting time. I have always enjoyed eating Kulfis all my life. I prefer them over regular ice creams any day.

Traditionally Kulfi is made by boiling and reducing milk for long hours and then flavoured using rose,  cardamom and saffron. It is a a time consuming process and a tedious one for sure. When I was in Mexico I was introduced to evaporated milk, which is reduced milk without sugar in a can. This changed my life forever. You can make kulfis in 5 minutes.. yes 5 minutes! Just put all the ingredients in a blender, pulse, pour in moulds and freeze. Its that simple. Even a kid can do it,

No one on earth could say they were not authentic in taste. I grabbed the evaporated cans from the INA market in Delhi and have stacked them in my pantry for the summer season ahead. Afterall our house hold is a kulfi freak!

1. In a blender add a can of condensed milk.

2. Also add evaporated milk. You can buy Evaporated milk from our The Gourmet Shop.

3. Add cream.

4. Add some Almonds and Pistachios along with Cardamom. You can even use cardamom powder if you don’t like the shell of cardamom in your mouth. 



5. Add two slices of bread. Yes any normal bread, don’t frown, trust me.


6. Blend this all together into a fine runny mixture.


7. Add saffron strands and mix.

8. Pour them in Kulfi moulds, or popsicle moulds or even small earthen pots. I used age old kulfi moulds gifted to me by my dear Mother in law 🙂


9. Cover with its lid or cap or you can even use a aluminium foil to cover it. Dont forget to insert a popsicle stick or wooden stick for ease of handling and eating it later.


10. Freeze for 2-4 hours. It took me 2.5 hours.


11. Run them under or dip them in hot water for a few seconds and pull out the popsicle out of the mould. You are ready to enjoy your kulfi. We like to eat with rose sugar syrup. It tastes divine!

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